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Three in five Australian GPs say vaccine rollout changes among biggest Covid challenges

Almost three out of five GPs reported managing patient expectations about vaccinations to be one of the most challenging issues of the pandemic, with multiple changes to vaccine eligibility requirements leaving many people confused and overwhelmed, the president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Karen Price, said.

In her foreword to the college’s Health of the Nation report, published on Thursday, Price said: “Unfortunately, some of these patients took their frustrations out on general practice staff”.

“Differing eligibility requirements across jurisdictions added to the strain.”

Schools should stay open as greatest risk of Covid transmission is in households, research finds

The report is published annually and provides an insight into the state of general practice in Australia. It includes the findings of a survey of 1,386 GPs between April and May, of which 70% were in major cities, 20% inner-regional, 8% outer‐regional, and 2% remote and very remote.

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Source: Guardian, 21 October 2021


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