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Digital training ‘should be embedded in clinical curricula’

Digital training should be “embedded” into clinical curricula rather than being “bolted on”, the Chief Executive of ORCHA has said. Liz Ashall-Payne said more needed to be done to ensure appropriate digital training for clinicians or risk a “knowledge gap” forming between current and future staff.

Dr Sandeep Bansal, Chief Executive of Medic Creations and mentor on the Royal College of GPs innovation mentorship programme, echoed calls for digital training to be incorporated in the medical school curriculum. 

“Your organisation is only as strong as lowest digitally mature staff member. It is all very well educating our tech-savvy junior doctors, but we must make sure those less au fait with digital advancements are not left behind. That is where patient safety could be put at risk. After all the main purpose of digital innovation is to enhance our ability to care for patients, by enabling more effective, efficient and precise clinical practice.”

Clive Flashman, Patient Safety Learning's Chief Digital Officer, agreed with the need for clinicians to receive digital training but with a focus on how to quickly evaluate an apps. “What is essential is that all clinicians, not just GPs, have access to advice, tools and support to enable them to prescribe and monitor the effectiveness of apps and digital therapies,” he told Digital Health News.

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Source: Digital Health, 29 October 2019



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