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Scottish mum told cancer stricken son, 5, ‘didn’t look ill’

A Scottish mum has made an emotional plea to other parents to push for blood tests for their children if they feel ‘something isn’t right’ after her son’s leukaemia symptoms were dismissed numerous times by doctors.

Jayke Steel, aged 5 years, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (cancer of the blood) in February after months of being ill.

His mum Cara took him to the doctor on various occasions but time and time again she was told he was fine and it was “probably just a virus”.

When he started getting night sweats,  instead of the doctor Cara him to Forth Valley Hospital where they ran tests and said they believed he was suffering from leukaemia.

“He was then transferred to Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital where they immediately took a bone marrow test which showed he definitely had leuklaemia."

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Source: The Scotsman, 15 September 2019


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