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BMA sets out vision for reforming ‘unsafe, underfunded’ NHS

The British Medical A has outlined its vision for an ‘unsafe’ NHS with a culture of bullying.  

According to the BMA, doctors are working in hospitals and GP Practices that are hugely understaffed, where bullying and a culture of blame is the norm and where patient care is often unsafe. These are the findings of a year-long study – ‘Caring Supportive Collaborative: Doctors Vision for Change‘ – into the state of the NHS.

The chair of the BMA Council, Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: “Nine in 10 doctors tell us that staffing levels are inadequate and that they work in environments where they fear the toxic combination of ever-increasing demand for services and lack of staff capacity will lead to mistakes."

“They tell us there is a persistent culture of fear across the NHS, where blame stifles learning, contributing to the vicious cycle of low morale so staff leave and then there’s a problem of recruitment."

“This unsafe, underfunded environment is as damaging for patients as it is for doctors. Radical change is clearly needed.”

From the report comes a manifesto, which has today been sent to MPs, as well as the secretary of state for health and social care.

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Source: Practice Business, 17 September 2019


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