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Woman, 33, scared she'll 'never be the same again' after six-month COVID-19 battle

A 33-year-old woman says she's been suffering awful coronavirus symptoms for six months and says it's "ruined her life".

Stephanie, from London, says her symptoms began in mid-March when she started experiencing loss of taste and smell, body aches, headaches, a fever, shivering, hot and cold sweats, and sickness. But six months later she still has had no sense of taste and smell, she suffers brain fog and chronic fatigue and says just walking across her flat leaves her chest feeling tight.

The photographer, who lives alone, says she sleeps for 10-12 hours but is still always tired. "I'm only 33," she said.

Stephanie wants to raise awareness of 'long Covid' and says more research needs to be done on how to treat the long-term effects of the disease.

She said she's scared she'll 'never be the same again'.

Stephanie says she has a hospital appointment on Friday to have tests on her lungs and heart as doctors are concerned she has lung damage.

She added: "I think some people don't believe in long Covid, so I want to raise awareness of what people are going through. We need more research of how to treat people with long Covid because there isn't much available, it's so awful."

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Source: Mirror, 1 October 2020


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