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'Blown away’: Australian coronavirus researchers examine everything from breastfeeding to explosives technology


A new report by Research Australia details more than 200 ongoing COVID-19 studies that extend far beyond the search for a vaccine.

Almost every COVID-19 research project being led by Australians has been in the new report, including studies of breastfeeding guidelines for parents with COVID-19, filter systems to remove the virus via air-conditioning systems, monitoring of sewage to detect the prevalence of COVID-19, and repurposing technology normally used to identify explosives to see if it can detect the presence of COVID-19.

The report was compiled by Research Australia, the national peak body for health and medical research.

It’s chief executive, Nadia Levin, said the report was not a complete catalogue of COVID-19 related research in Australia, but provided a useful insight into the scale of the response from the health and innovation sectors.

“All of this Australian research kept popping up and we were blown away by the scale and scope of it, so we asked all of our members to share what they are working on,” Levin told the Guardian Australia.

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Source: The Guardian, 27 June 2020

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