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Error traps

An error trap is a situation that could lead into avoidable harm if not mitigated.

Error traps can be found throughout health and social care in medicines, equipment and devices, in documentation, and in many other areas we see every day while going about our daily jobs in health and social care. Read our error trap blog here.

Seen an error trap where you work?

the hub provides a place where you can share the error traps you come across in your day to day work. We want to raise awareness of these and the serious problems that could result if they’re not tackled. We want to start conversations on what we can do to resolve them. Please send us your photos and your description of the error trap. And any ideas of what you think is needed to fix it.

We also want to share examples of where error traps have been recognised and addressed. Please can you share with us any photos and descriptions of good practice.

Send your photos and description to info@pslhub.org. If the photo is not taken by you, please obtain copyright permission to reuse from the owner of the photo. 

Take a look at the photos of error traps already posted on the hub and leave your comments. Let's raise awareness of these problems.

Note: While we make every effort to keep the hub up to date and accurate, we don't provide any guarantees of the accuracy of the photos provided to us.  

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