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The King's Fund: Leading for the delivery of integrated care course

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Since 2011, the NHS has been promoting various policies and initiatives to address the poor co-ordination of services both within the NHS and between health and social care.

The delivery of effective high-quality co-ordinated care requires comprehensive changes to the way in which managers and their teams work. 

This new programme has been designed for senior managers and clinicians responsible for delivering integrated patient-centred services. 

  • Module one: 26-27 July (in-person)
  • Module two: 4-5 October (in-person)
  • Module three: 30 November–1 December (in-person)
  • Module four: 31 January–1 February 2023 (in-person)
  • Networking event: 1 March 2023 (virtual - TBC)
  • Networking event: 20 April 2023 (virtual)
  • Networking event: 23 May 2023 (in-person)


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