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Enhancing Clinical Communications webinar - Safety for All Campaign


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Clinical communications and data sharing should focus both on the needs of patients and staff and safety to turn insights into better patient care. With the demands of patients greater than ever before, the demands placed on clinical staff have only increased in all areas of healthcare. Care teams need to work smarter with a quick and coordinated response to patient incidents by communicating critical notifications and other clinical and operational systems to the right care team members, enhance communication and simplify workflow throughout the process.

This Safety For All webinar will delve into the transformative journey undertaken by South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to enhance clinical communications. Attendees will learn about the strategies and innovations implemented by these institutions to improve the clinical workflows, efficiency, effectiveness, and improving clinical quality using their clinical communication system. The session will cover key lessons learned, best practices, and the tangible benefits achieved through their efforts. Join us to gain valuable insights into how these leading healthcare organisations have successfully navigated their path to excellence in clinical communications.

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