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HoPE Storytelling Festival 1 - NHSE Storytelling Update


Event details

NHS England in their collaborative work with the Heads of Patient Experience (HOPE) network have focussed on how narrative and stories can be used to make improvements to experiences of delivering and receiving care.

Part of this work has been to use digital stories and to explore the use of broader storytelling activities.

Digital stories are a method of sharing personal experiences; encouraging people to share their story in the first person, working in partnership to process and edit an audio recording, then overlay it with pictures and/or art to create a 3-to-5-minute digital story. 

In this first session they explore the how stories are used in Trusts and at a strategic level in NHSE to start improvement work, how this is being done working in partnership with the people who share their stories and how stories are shaping future policy.

They will update on progress and share their approach to measuring impact and outcomes.

You will hear from people who have shared personal stories about what it has meant to them and from staff who have worked in partnership to improve services. They will also share how stories are unpeeling the layers of other more traditional sources of data and how multiple data sources can enhance our understanding and improve care.

Join for a packed session of learning, insight, and networking the first of series of sessions across the month of March.

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