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HSIB webinar: The impact of staff fatigue on patient safety: how do we manage the risk


Event details

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) is facilitating a free half-day event to ask the question on how can healthcare understand and start to manage the risk of staff fatigue.

This event is intended to bring together clinical, NHS patient safety representatives and professionals from other safety critical industries. The collaboration of these professionals is intended to share insights around the risk of fatigue, how to consider fatigue in the context of investigations and provide some pragmatic resources and plans for the NHS to introduce the concept and tools for fatigue management.


The morning of this event is set up for online attendance and along with the team from HSIB, there will representatives from a range of key national healthcare organisations attending the event in person. Speakers will include healthcare professionals, academics, human factors professionals from other industries and healthcare. There will be several short presentations to provide the context and background to the work and activities in the area of fatigue and the risk in healthcare. Speakers will signpost participants to existing resources and information relevant to healthcare organisations.


9.30: Welcome and introductions

9.35 - 9.45 How HSIB has started to consider fatigue in investigations - Dr Laura Pickup, Senior Investigation Science Educator (HSIB).

9.45 - 10.10 Background and scale of fatigue challenge in healthcare - Dr Mike Farquhar, Consultant in Paediatric Sleep Medicine, Guys and St Thomas.

10.10 - 10.35 How does it feel in healthcare - Dr Emma Plunkett, Consultant Anaesthetist in Birmingham and co-chair of the Joint Association of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine Fatigue Working Group.

10.35 - 10.50 What can we do about fatigue in hospitals - Dr Nancy Redfern, Consultant Anaesthetist Newcastle and co-chair of the Joint Association of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine Fatigue Working Group

10.50 - 11.05 Coffee Break

11.05 - 11.30 Humans are humans: learning about fatigue investigation and management from two contrasting industries - Mark Young (Railway Safety Investigator RAIB) and Will Tutton (Marine Safety Investigator MAIB).

11.30 - 12.00 Fatigue risk management in practice - Phil Barton, Head of FRMS at EasyJet

12.00 - 12.25 Designing a fatigue risk management system for the NHS: a case study from the UK ambulance sector - Professor Kristy Sanderson (University of East Anglia).

12.25 - 12.30 Closing remarks - Dr Rosie Benneyworth, Chief Investigator, HSIB.


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