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    When you have limited time to handover you need to share evenly between all your patients. I would always explain this to the relatives and if I can’t answer them during handover time, then I would go back to them after the main handover
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    This is my essay I did for my last year of my foundation degree course (apologies for spelling and grammer mistakes) The positives and the negatives of using the SBAR tool Introduction Within this essay I am going to look at how the positive and the negative of using the SBAR tool within the Emergency Department . The findings from this essay which will all be evidenced based I will be concluding my essay with how it can I can improve my communication skills within my work place. According to Martin and Ciuzynski (2015), a large number of pati
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    I have recently completed an evidence based essay for my foundation degree course about the positive and negative of the use of SBAR tool. It was very interesting subject to research