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    Tuesday 2nd March 2021

    I am 55 years old and was referred to a rapid response ward in a Hospital in North Lanarkshire. Referred for post menopausal bleeding and pain on my left ovary.

    I have to say that I found the procedure barbaric. Having gone through IVF on three occasions in my30’s, this procedure left me feeling violated and assaulted. I am now outraged that women have to go through this without adequate consultation from a specialist. If this had been given initially, I would have asked for a general anaesthetic to be administered rather than a, ‘Rapid Response’. I will now refer to this procedure as, rapid cost cutting of a consultant ergo the lack of adequate procedural operations with a specialist gynaecologist, surgeon and anaesthetist at hand.

    Referred by a GP; The letter relaying my appointment to the, Rapid Procedures clinic gave no indication of what to expect from a, hysteroscopy so, I looked online. Advised to take pain killers before hand, I was apprehensive.

    The last time I had a smear test it had been painful. In addition, the Sister involved in the procedure of replacing my marina coil three years before, knocked me out when she accidentally hit the cervix. Now, I was back again with the same Sister! Only, this time, I had prepared myself to stop the procedure if it became too painful.

    I answered questions on my smears being up to date, explained my apprehension as the last smear had been painful. I explained that I cannot have sex due to the pain and I haven’t had children so, I am pretty tight. She reassured me and we started.

    Whilst the speculum inserted posed some discomfort and the camera or scanner didn’t detect the womb lining or ovaries, as the coil was wrapped in fibroids and casting a shadow. She advised that it had been pushed down with the fibroids and wasn’t able to do it’s job right to control the endometriosis.

    The Sister explained further, she would have to move the camera through the cervix and had her afternoons work cut out for her as there were a lot of fibroids. Next thing I new the coil was yanked out! This was excruciatingly painful. I asked for a sedative which she said she would give. Not sure this happened as, I didn’t feel the needle, or maybe I did, as she mopped up the blood inside and said that she was going to replace the coil. At this point I asked her to stop. I apologised for being a poor patient and not as flexible as I used to be! I also explained my anxiety prior to coming due to my last visit. On leaving I had to ask for a sanitary towel and was given no direction on how to leave the changing area.

    With no aftercare advice, I went back to work. I would have preferred to take a day or two off after this procedure. With advanced warning I could have organised cover from colleagues to allow for much needed recuperation time. In hindsight this was required for physical and psychological recovery. After all, would any of us have a tooth drilled or extracted without local anaesthesia?