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  1. I had an out patient Hysteroscopy/biopsy attempt on 5th December 2020. I recieved the leaflet about the procedure and recommendation of over the counter pain relief prior to arriving. I was hesitant and researched best practice guidance. There was a sense that pain was downplayed in the information so I focused on safe practice and risks beforehand.
    The questions I raised with the consultant were based on size and type of scope in addition to type of saline used.  My potential pain was not factored in at all nor any suggestion of how I might feel. During the procedure the consultant commented that ' we have such good ladies this morning' indicating I was compliant with this barbaric procedure due to my use of mediation and relaxation techniques. This comment is shockingly inappropriate and disregards and minimises the extent of pain that women are experiencing. I yelled out in pain at the biopsy attempt and shorty afterwards the consultant ended the procedure.  
    As she left the room, she asked me to get dressed and see her next door. I was in tears. The nurse started it was best to stop as my womb could risk being perforated. I was then advised that I would receive an appointment to have the procedure under a GA. I was in shock, I went home and recognised I was experiencing PTSD reactions such as flashbacks, distress and slept most of the day and the following one. I also experienced for 10 days.
    When I was admitted for the procedure under general anaesthesia, the very same consultant was involved. I had an extremely dismissive response to my previous experience and fears and she did nothing to alleviate my concerns. In fact she frightend me with potential risks and I felt pressured to go ahead. 
    Shortly after I decided against the procedure under her care. 
    This is my experience of poor treatment and has created a lack of trust and confidence in the care recieved which adds to the anxiety I am feeling about my health and I remain confused about my care going forwards.