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  1. @Dr Charles Shepherd Thank you for sharing these resources and tips with us. We've added your guide to our Learn library so others can use it: https://www.pslhub.org/learn/coronavirus-covid19/tips/me-association-post-covid-19-fatigue-postlong-covid-19-syndromes-and-post-covid-mecsf-september-2020-r3623/

    I've also linked this comment to our community conversation on long covid: 

    Please do share any other resources you have on long covid and also on ME/CFS or if you would like to write a blog on this we'd be happy to post it on the hub

  2. Dr Rick Fraser asked us to post his response to this blog:

    Good to hear about the work you are doing.

    An open/transparent culture of speaking up is something I am really interested in for so many important reasons - I have found the IHI model of safe, reliable and effective care is enormously helpful in linking patient safety and culture.

    When an organisation has a culture where psychological safety is clearly evident then staff, patients, family & others all feel able to speak up and raise concerns as & when they occur. The organisational response is crucial and needs to be absolutely linked to patient safety as that cannot be disputed and is always the common ground we look for when trying to connect across systems and with others eg staff.

    An authentic, consistent approach that is humane, proportionate and transparent is crucial and must be led from the Board all the way through the organisation. Included in this humane approach are kindness, forgiveness, fallibility and equality. Some of these will come naturally and others have to be nurtured within individuals and the organisation. Some may criticise and call it 'woolly' or 'fluffy' however when the evidence can link all of these culture based approaches patient safety and outcomes then there can be no dispute.

    That’s what is so elegant about the IHI model (below) as it links all these aspects of the system together and allows for development of culture & learning system and then ongoing monitoring from Board to Ward. As a Dr this makes perfect sense as it combines the science/evidence with the learning system/culture to ensure patient care is optimal and safe every time.

    Dr Rick Fraser, Chief Medical Officer 


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