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  • Informed consent: Sharing the decision (ICONS). A Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh course

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    This innovative educational initiative was developed as a direct and constructive response to the communication inadequacies exposed by the Montgomery case, and subsequent legislation. While it is not difficult to give ‘more information’ it is harder for surgeons and patients to achieve a decision partnership.

    The ICONS workshop content has been informed by internationally recognised experts in Shared Decision Making, by consensus among senior practising surgeons, by patients and by professional experts in risk management and risk communication.

    Delegates on the ICONS workshops will acquire skills and knowledge to implement best practice in sharing the complex decisions surrounding informed consent. By participating in a workshop, they will also contribute to the development of resources for future training in the important area of informed consent.


    Course Objectives

    The objectives of the course include:

    • Learn the potential catastrophic and costly consequences of failure adequately to share important surgical decisions.
    • Recognise the importance of discussion treatment options rather than risks.
    • Understand key features of the case Montgomery v LHB 2015.
    • Appreciate the legal view of Shared Decision Making.
    • Identify key elements of a Shared Decision Making consultation.
    • Understand how to deliver treatment recommendations.
    • Gain new consultation skills.
    • Identify and apply effective ways of risk communication.
    • Appreciate the role of decision support tools before, during and after the clinical encounter.
    • Understand the added value of writing letters directly to patients.

    This brand new initiative also offers a unique preparation to train others in decision sharing. The workshop will help you to identify what forms of decision aid might work best for you in your areas of particular interest in the future and will prepare you to help .others in your team understand the challenges of decision sharing.

    Learning Outcomes

    Having attended the ICONS workshop you will be able to:

    • Understand the practical importance of the Montgomery decision.
    • Identify the key elements of a Shared Decision Making consultation.
    • Discuss options including surgery – elective and emergency.
    • Employ efficient methods of eliciting patient needs, preferences and values in a busy clinic.
    • Understand the added value of patient activation before options are discussed, and decision distribution thereafter.
    • Develop skills for well-balanced, meaningful surgeon patient interactions.
    • Communicate risk to patients in a more realistic way.
    • Appreciate the role of recommendation.
    • Review the limitations of and variation in current consent forms.
    Informed consent: Sharing the decision (ICONS). A Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh course https://www.rcsed.ac.uk/events-courses/course-details-informed-consent-sharing-the-decision-icons
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