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  • Why investigate? The patient's perspective

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    • Joanne Hughes, Mothers Instinct
    • 24/09/19
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    A brief, heartfelt piece presented purely from the harmed patient's perspective and urging those involved in making decisions about whether or not to investigate to consider the impact of a good investigation on the ability of the harmed patient and their family to heal...

    Well received on twitter and described by a number of patients as 'you've said what I feel'.

    A reminder that a crucial purpose of the investigation is to give a harmed patient and their family a full explanation to help them understand, process and share for learning their experience. All necessary to their recovery. All necessary to their own 'safety' following an incident (we know poor responses cause additional suffering to those already harmed).

    The author also highlighted (via twitter) how much of this blog relates to the needs of staff involved in incidents too...

    Why investigate? The patient's perspective http://www.mothersinstinct.co.uk/blog-entry/why-investigate
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    Jo, thank you so much. I defy anyone to read this without welling up and re-committing themselves to do more to makes patients safer.

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    Your friends can consider ME delusional as well. 

    Deluded enough to see that if we accepted the same level of treatment risk from our automotive mechanics, 1 in every 200 cars would be irretrievably broken down by the side of the road, we would be MAD as hell, and we would want to know WHY we were being left down so badly by those we hoped most to be able to trust!

    It’s not you who is broken.

    It is healthcare’s system of work which is broken.

    What makes it culpable is the fact that it continues to protest that the systems of work imposed on all are the best it can do, despite the fact that 1 in 200 patients finish up irretrievably dead simply on account of the fact that they sought a mostly simple repair.  


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    I must apologise for my bluntness.   

    What fires me up is my sadness.

    Your loss of your beautiful girl is more than I as a parent could ever bear.  

    I am still flabbergasted:

    Why cant we see that intellectual arrogance on the part of individuals and institutions causes so much suffering?

    I’m so sorry if my analogy caused you grief.


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