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    Halfloop are a team of senior doctors and developers building a digital platform where patients can store information securely about their medical implants and share their progress and outcomes securely with their clinical team. They would like to hear your views by asking you to complete their short survey.


    What is Halfloop?

    We are a group of surgeons, physicians, engineers and software developers building a patient-owned app to keep patients informed of the details of the medical devices implanted in their bodies.

    After the recent high profile recalls of medical implants such as hip replacements, gynaecological meshes and breast implants, it became apparent how difficult it is to track these patients down for reviewing progress and outcomes.

    We would like to improve patient care by giving you, the patient, access to this crucial data. We would also like to empower you with the ability to interact with your clinical teams privately and securely to track your progress and outcomes. 

    Why would I want this information?

    Medical investigations and treatment can be delayed when the details of a medical implant, such as what materials it is made of, are not easily accessible. Examples include not knowing if your implant is safe to go into an MRI scanner or not being able to be easily contactable if an implant is recalled.

    The main focus of Halfloop’s app is to support you on your journey with your medical device after implantation. The platform gives you easy and secure access to your post-procedure outcomes and the ability to compare your progress anonymously to patients like you. The features we are building are designed to give your clinical teams a much more complete picture of how you are doing with your implant. 

    How could this benefit me? 

    We are looking at a number of additional ways this could be useful to patients, including more interaction with your clinical team over the longer term, access to rehabilitation and recovery information after the implant is fitted, and reward mechanisms for sharing data. 

    Who else could see this information? 

    You decide as this is your information. On Halfloop, you will be able to share progress on your recovery with your clinical team. You can choose to anonymously give feedback on your progress and outcomes to manufacturers. You can also just keep your personal information on the secure app without sharing.

    How can I help?

    We want to build Halfloop’s app with patients at its centre, built with the help of patients. For this, we need as much patient input as possible. We have put together a short questionnaire which should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

    We would be very grateful if you could help us develop Halfloop’s app to the best possible version.

    The survey can be found here: https://halfloop.typeform.com/survey.

    Please note that our website (www.halfloop.com) is currently under construction and will soon be updated.

    Patient survey: Halfloop medical device app https://halfloop.typeform.com/survey
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