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Vaccine Injured & miserable

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Hi I have the first vaccine in 2021 due to fear of getting Covid again which I had the first strain in march 2020 which was awful. Then had first vaccine and felt awful and 2 months later diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then saw the rheumatologist who diagnosed fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome. 
I also have discs bulging in my lower back along with sciatica. 
had second vaccine got even worse. Everyday I feel I have the flu the symptoms are non stop and I've been ignored by the medical professionals and I'm sick of it all.

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for sharing your experience - I'm sorry to hear you are living with these symptoms. We have an existing forum related to vaccine injury on the hub - if you post your experience there you may get some response from people in a similar situation. There is also information about a support group on Facebook hosted by UKCV-Family


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Hi there thank you for the replies I don't know how to put post into vaccine injuries hub, sorry I used to be a wiz on computers etc and now my concentration and focus is terrible, can you please tell me how to post in that hub.

Hi Charlet,

I will email, thank you for your response.


best wishes 


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