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CCG Patient Safety Managers

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Talking with John Holt, PS Mnager at Birmingham and Solihull CCG today. Would it be helpful to set up a CCG PS Mansger community?

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Yes, this would be a good idea. Would be interested to have a forum where we can share tools, resources, information etc. 

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Yes, I think this would be really helpful for CCG staff in view of the likelihood of our roles being very different when the new patient safety strategy is fully implemented.

Many Thanks


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Hi Jon and Helen,

Hope you are both keeping well during these challenging times.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the new strategy is delayed which is a shame although the right decision for sure allowing focus on the pandemic. I'm looking forward to the new way of working as definitely more focus on wider learning and less process/tick box exercise which the current SI process at times feels like.

Jon, when we met at the conference you mentioned in your area that nursing homes (not residential if I remember correctly) are subject to SIs under your contracts. Are you able to give me more detail on this in terms of an idea of how many SIs this would generate on a monthly basis. Also, what level of support/training do the care homes get in order to identify SIs followed by robust investigations, assurance gains and who provides this? I ask as we recently contracted beds in some nursing homes in Brighton which will be subject to the NHS standard contract (not all our homes/beds in the city are) therefore will be required to declare SIs so trying to do some planning around this.

Also, from reading the draft PSIRF, there is no specific reference to care/nursing homes in this therefore does anyone know if care homes will only be subject to this depending on contracting/commissioning arrangements by specific  CCGs/ICSs etc moving forward? 

Many thanks


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Sorry, another question, how do I invite others to this forum? I want to add my CCG colleagues in Surrey and Kent.




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Hi @Mary-Jo Patterson, only members can post into the community spaces, and as you know - membership is free. To invite your colleagues to become members if they aren't already, send them this link in an email:

Then, once they are members, you can send them the link below to invite them to comment here:


KInd regards, Clive

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@Mary-Jo Patterson and @Jon Holt 

Hi both, would love it if you can use the hub and this community to engage, support, champion and challenge for patient safety. Please let us know how we can help.


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