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call for help please: NHS professionals transporting medical samples, medicine, vaccines etc


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Hello everyone,

I am an engineer and have been working on a portable system to solve spoilage and human error issues during transport and collection/administration in the last 9 years. The system has won 27 innovation awards globally and a successful pilot was done by the UPS Foundation in Cameroon recently. Recently, there is a UK government grant calling for ideas looking at enhancing medical supply chain resilience with drones. I spoke to a drone service provider who have been working with a few hospitals in England thinks that our system can help improve their logistics network. 

I hope to speak to more NHS health professionals working in this area. I would like to 

  • understand their procedure transporting and delivering their samples and if there are any challenges 
  • discuss ideas to help improve, streamline, simplify the current procedures and tackle the challenges

I am based in North Wales and would love to speak to anyone involved in NHS Wales, Scotland and England who are involved in sample/vaccine/drug collection, delivery, administration. 

Thank you very much! 

My email address is ideabatic.smile@gmail.com


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Reaching out to NHS professionals involved in transporting and delivering drugs is a smart move. Collaborating with them can provide valuable insights and help streamline procedures.

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