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PSIRF Small Provider

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Hi I am looking for some help. My charity is a small provider of one service to the NHS and I believe for PSIRF compliance we only need to update our own policy with PSIRF.

Does anyone have an example of a PSIRF small provider policy wording?

Any help much appreciated.


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We are also a small provider but as we have an NHS contract we have to meet the PSIRF standards. I am yet to find a small provider with policy wording. 

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Hi - do you have an NHS email account? if so you can register for NHS Futures and there are loads of collaborative resources on there. If you have not contact you local Patient Safety Specialist in your ICB and they should be able to help you out.

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I have created a policy using the templates. I've submitted it but had no feedback as yet. Will

 report back on my success/failure

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