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Are you currently working on an inpatient mental health ward in the UK?

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Is this a real survey or one offered by a media outlet for some 'headline' insights perhaps?  Its generated a doubt for me as this trust does not operate any inpatient psychiatric wards and surely no trust would leave out AHPS's from the staff list.  They are an acute trust. 




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Hello @Paul Butler McLees 
Yes the study is sponsored by OUH but that is because I am based within OUH. The study was started within Oxford Health (which is a MH trust) but sponsorship had to be moved over to OUH when I took up a new post. 

AHPs are welcome to take part as long as they are ward-based and use restrictive practices as part of their work. We opted to keep the focus on nursing staff as other comparable research only included mental health nurses. Plus, in the experience of myself and my colleagues, AHPs such as OTs and SLTs used restrictive practices much less often than nursing staff. I do appreciate the feedback and will keep this in mind for future research. 

Let me know if you have any further questions or feedback. 

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