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As someone who works with NHS and actually as a Mental Health and Physical Health patient I've experienced discrimination and out right assault by the police whilst in hospital and ended up under S136 for no valid reason. 

Although I was assaulted with handcuffs being thrown over the bed rail, breaking my wrist I think. Still not had my mangled wrist xrayed 2 months on. 

Nothing worse than being in a vulnerable situation and bullies absolutely thrive on people in vulnerable positions. Their bosses think they're wonderful and so kind but they are in a position of power so of course the bully treats them differently or act differently when seniors are around.

I recently put in a formal complaint to CEO I knew very well but instead of replying (after I told her I had recordings) she completely blanked me and now retired. Instead of "this is very serious Dominic, please send any evidence etc" I get told "how wonderful" my bully is!

Interim CEO took over so I must inform him of Duty of Candour (Robbies Law) too. They don't seem to like that being pointed out but I shall do it anyway in hope we get a decent CEO who isn't just a pencil pusher waiting for band 9 pension. 

If as a volunteer I've experienced what I have, I dread to think what goes on as full members of staff. 

What struck me was the impunity these bullies operate with once in band 8 or above roles. You'd be very shocked if you heard what myself and four other service users went through. 

At the time my bullies refused to apologise (even though she received "disaplinary action")

For me bulling and cronyism are both rotting the NHS from the inside out and needs sorting ASAP 

Please don't get me wrong, I support 99% of NHS staff but I cannot ignore the bullying, certainly at directorate or managerial level. The small percentage who do bullies seem to have no self awareness and those under them seem to think bullying behaviour is just "Leadership"

Well no leader worth any salt will abuse you or tell you who you can and cannot speak too. Seeing service users slowly driven out by a particular bullie was extremely hard and not one manager wanted to know (bar one kind soul).

Leadership means you MUST act whenever you even sniff the types of behaviours that signal a bully, however things are that bad that management cannot or won't recognise the controlling and mean behaviours

Thanks for reading my first post

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I am so sorry to hear of your experience Dom.

As a mental health nurse who trained in the 1980s I have witnessed a shocking decline in the NHS. The NHS being an institution which, like you, I support and want to see thrive and become world class.

The NHS, and indeed all services commissioned by health & social care, has fallen victim to a culture of avoidance, a rise of cronyism (based on self-interest) and exclusion of those who speak out. That includes appalling treatment of patients and relatives who speak out. This has to change.

In order to change this problem has to be fully recognised, independently scrutinised,  and spoken about openly at the top, not avoided and skirted around, as is currently happening for example through the weak implementation of the Francis Review recommendations and stigmatisation of many who who speak out.

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