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Investigation Training Models - RCA

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Good morning colleagues. I am the National manager for Patient Safety & Quality, MOHMS, Fiji.

I am searching for RCA Training Guidelines (manuals) that I can use as a reference to review and develop our current training manual on conducting RCAs in our health care settings. I have not been successful so far in finding one online.

Appreciate some advise and assistance.

Thank you

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Hi Sereima.

Welcome to the hub ?. You may be interested in a community thread we had on RCA last year which has some useful resources and links: 

Since then we have also added some other resources to the hub which might help you:

NHS Improvement:Rootcauseanalysis - using five whys
NHS Improvement: Quality, service improvement and redesign (QSIR)tools
NEBOSH HSE introduction to incident investigation
ROSPA accident investigation training

And you should take a read of Martin Langham's blog series and presentation slides from Helen Higham.

Hope that helps and we'd love to hear others' suggestions. Please add.

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