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Measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight from insight to improvement

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This conference will focus on measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight, and demonstrating responsiveness to that insight to ensure Patient Feedback is translated into quality improvement and assurance. This is particularly important during COVID-19 where feedback and engagement is key in identifying opportunities to create the best possible experiences for patients and carers, who are often accessing services during difficult times for themselves and their families.

Through national updates and case study presentations the conference will support you to measure, monitor and improve patient experience in your service, and ensure that insight leads to quality improvement. Sessions will include learning from patients, improving patient experience during and beyond COVIDd-19, a national update, practical sessions focusing on delivering a patient experience based culture, measuring patient experience, using the NHS Improvement National Patient Experience Improvement Framework, demonstrating insight and responsiveness in real time, monitoring and improving staff experience, the role of human factors in improving quality, using patient experience to drive improvement, changing the way we think about patient experience, and learning from excellence in patient experience practice.

This conference will enable you to:

  • Network with colleagues who are working to monitor and improve patient experience
  • Learn from outstanding practice in developing systems to improve patient experience insight
  • Reflect on a patient perspective
  • Understand how to effectively integrate patient experience insight with complaints – and learn from a new NHS Complaints Framework pilot site
  • Understand how patient experience measurement needs to adapt during and beyond the pandemic
  • Ensuring patient experience feedback leads to changes in practice
  • Learn how to use the National Patient Experience Improvement Framework in practice
  • Understand the national context for patient experience
  • Develop strategies for measuring and improving staff experience
  • Understand how to work with staff to act on patient experience feedback in real time
  • Reflect on how to improve patient experience feedback from diverse communities
  • Use a Human Factors approach to deliver change and improvement based on patient experience insight
  • Identify key strategies for developing a patient experience cultur
  • Develop your role demonstrating insight and responsiveness
  • Self assess and expand your skills in analysing patients experience data


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