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The Trauma of Trauma

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Treating trauma can be traumatic. The UK now has over 30 major trauma centres which treat more than 40,000 patients with traumatic injuries each year. For people under the age of 40, trauma remains a leading cause of death, and trauma survivors often experience life-changing injury and long-term disability.

This study day examines the impact of various traumatic injuries on patients and the teams who care for them. Exploring burns, orthopaedic and battlefield trauma, as well as how to manage mass casualty events, you’ll learn about a wide range of trauma care scenarios. The speakers will outline how battlefield experience can be adapted for frontline work in within the NHS, with a key focus on the mental, physical and practical skills required to manage trauma to achieve the best outcomes for both patient and practitioner.

The goal is to provide you with theory and practical skills to help you manage the mental and physical aspects of trauma in different settings. The sessions will also support you with understanding how skills learnt in one area can be transferred to another.

Topics include:

  • Treatment of acute burn injuries.
  • The role of the Orthopaedic Trauma Coordinator.
  • Introduction to AO Trauma Principles.
  • Mass Casualty Events and the Citizen Aid App – with practical demo.
  • Trauma and resilience in the armed forces: A Captain’s perspective.
  • Trauma management on the battlefield.


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