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The King's Fund annual conference 2022: an inclusive approach to recovery and reform


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The health and care sector is undergoing fundamental change and facing profound challenges. As it continues to deal with the impact of Covid-19, which has exacerbated the workforce crisis and health inequalities, the Health and Care Act introduces changes to how health and care services are organised and delivered with the aim of integrating care for people in England.

The King’s Fund annual conference 2022 will bring together leaders from across the health and care system. Through keynote speeches, panel debates and interactive workshops, you can join peers to explore the impact of current reforms on service delivery and share experiences of the reality of working on the ground in this complex and challenging system. The agenda provides a key opportunity to hear from influential speakers about an inclusive approach to recovery and the impact of integrated care systems (ICSs) in the six months since they have become statutory bodies.

Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer at NHS England recently setting out her reflections on the wider challenges and opportunities for the NHS around the theme of the four Rs: recovery, reform, resilience and respect. The agenda provides a key opportunity to hear from influential speakers about what this approach means in reality, what capacity and resource a system which has been under severe strain has to meet these challenges, how we can practically work to ensure an inclusive approach.


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