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IHI webinar: Hardwiring systems for medication without harm


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What we’re getting wrong about the “Five rights of medication use” and other safety myths

Despite decades of focus, medication errors, which result from weak medication systems and human factors, constitute the greatest proportion of total preventable harm. Yet across decades of efforts to improve medication safety, a disproportionate burden continues to be placed on human performance, while examination and focus on improving systems and the cultures in which humans work is often limited and reactive.

In recognition of World Patient Safety Day, this free Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) webinar examines how traditional approaches to medication safety continue to impede progress. Interprofessional faculty with expertise in systems thinking and human factors engineering will share insights on reorienting our thinking and approaches to medication safety. This webinar will provide fresh ideas for engaging a cross-disciplinary, systems perspective and harnessing team members in the improvement of systems to support medication safety.

What you'll learn

  • Review commonly held myths about humans that limit progress in medication safety, including the “Five Rights of Medication Use.”
  • Discuss how human factors design and interventions support human performance and improvements in medication safety.
  • Identify at least one idea for change that you can consider for improving medication safety in your organization.


This webinar will take place at 12:00-13:00 ET (17:00-18:00 BST)

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