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Next steps for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care in England

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This Westminster Health Forum policy conference will examine the key priorities for the future of cancer prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment as the Government develops a 10-year Cancer Plan for England.

Delegates will discuss priorities for the next stage of the elective care backlog delivery plan, including meeting demand as waiting times for new referrals increase, and what can be learned from success in clearing the longest waiting times for patients.

With questions about the future of the National Insurance increase and social care funding, it will be an opportunity to discuss priorities for the Government under a new prime minister.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • the pandemic - assessing its impact on cancer services and patient care - the future for personalised care in England
  • reducing cancer waiting times - options for increasing capacity - priorities for diagnostics, infrastructure and the use of digital technology - building workforce resilience and retention
  • the 10-year Cancer Plan for England - stakeholder perspectives on next steps in its development
  • screening programmes - progress in recovering services and options for future delivery - developing public awareness
  • health outcomes - improving early diagnosis and access to innovation - use of data and developing prevention programmes to meet local need - addressing accessibility and health inequalities
  • personalised care - the future for patient engagement and involvement in their own care plans - how this should look within cancer care in England.



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