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MediSafeCon 2022 (Medication safety conference)


Event details

As this year's theme of World Patient Safety Day 2022 is "Medication safety" and increasing awareness about safe medication usage in clinical practice, the Peerless Hospital, Kolkata, India, are organising a one day conference " MediSafeCon" dedicated to increasing awareness about patient safety and medication safety in clinical practice among pharmacists, nurses and doctors. The following sessions by leading doctors, pharmacists, nurses and medicolegal experts of West Bengal and India:

1. Medication safety issues in Critical Care practice

2. Medication safety issues in Pediatric practice

3. Medication safety issues in Oncology practice

4. Medication safety issues in Gastroenterology practice

5. Medication safety issues in Surgical practice

6. Medication safety issues in Domiciliary care 

7. Medication safety issues in Telemedicine services

8. Medication errors and Medicolegal implications.

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