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WHO launch event - Implication of the COVID-19 pandemic for patient safety: a rapid review

Event details

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted nearly all countries’ health systems and diminished their capability to provide safe health care, specifically due to errors, harm and delays in diagnosis, treatment and care management. “Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for patient safety: a rapid review” emphasises the high risk of avoidable harm to patients, health workers, and the general public, and exposes a range of safety gaps across all core components of health systems at all levels. The disruptive and transformative impacts of the pandemic have confirmed patient safety as a critical health system issue and a global public health concern.

The objectives of the WHO event are :

  • provide an overview of implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for patients, health workers, and the general public
  • highlight importance of managing risks and addressing avoidable harm in a pandemic situation
  • discuss implications of the pandemic for patient safety within broader context of preparedness, response and recovery
  • lay the foundation for follow-up work around generating more robust evidence and supporting countries in their efforts to build resilient and safer health care systems. 


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