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HSJ Patient Safety Congress: Pushing boundaries. Changing practice. Saving lives

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In its 15th year, the HSJ Patient Safety Congress is the largest annual event to unite patient safety leaders, front-line innovators, national policymakers and patient representatives from across the UK to learn and exchange ideas that will transform patient safety and standards of care.  

Patient safety is a field that never stands still. Practitioners across the patient pathway are dedicated to continuous improvement and improving the patient experience, ensuring equity of care for all and optimising outcomes. As a result of this Congress, changes have been made to medical textbooks and led to new research being commissioned. But more importantly, it is through this event that changes are made within teams and organisations that help save lives.

This year’s Congress will address both new and long-standing patient safety challenges, offering new insights, practical ideas and actionable solutions to help improve care in your organisation:

  • Building a restorative culture.
  • Integrating human factors approach to improve safety.
  • Focusing on patient safety in non-acute settings.
  • Practical approaches to patient and family engagement.
  • Safety and equality in women’s health.
  • Protecting and supporting our workforce.
  • Improving governance and regulation to achieve consistent care.
  • Encouraging clinician-led innovation.
  • Examining safety for vulnerable people.
  • Recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient.
  • Breaking the cycle of repeat errors to advance the safety agenda.
  • Responding to catastrophe in a healthcare setting.
  • Reversing the impact of normalised deviance on patient safety.
  • Eliminating unnecessary deaths in a post-pandemic.


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