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The Royal Society of Medicine: Spotlight on Long Covid part 2


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Six months on from the Royal Society of Medicine's first Spotlight on long COVID, this second episode will look at the current prevalence and cases of long COVID, how our understanding of symptoms and treatments has moved on, and the challenges around access to care.

 This episode will: 

  • Advise health professionals on how to continue managing and supporting patients with long COVID using the latest research and treatments  
  • Showcase how long COVID has impacted children and young people 
  • Discuss the challenges and solutions around access to care, and rising referral rates to long COVID clinics 
  • Address the various barriers that different population groups like minority ethnic communities are facing around long COVID 
  • Find out how healthcare workers are being affected by long COVID e.g. morale, workforce turnover, wellbeing 
  • Understand how other countries are coping with long COVID and what they are doing differently to the UK 


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