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The Future of Hospitals Event 2021


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The Prime Minister recently announced a funding package worth £3.7 billion to build 40 hospitals by 2030 in the biggest hospital building programme in a generation.  

The Health Infrastructure Plan will also provide capital to modernise diagnostics and technology and help eradicate critical safety issues in the NHS. The scale of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused big shifts in the way hospitals deliver services.  

The NHS has had to mobilise to respond to the acute needs of people infected with the virus whilst at the same time scaling back non-COVID-19 healthcare. Services have had to be rapidly re-designed on a large scale to release capacity for treating patients with COVID-19.  

With the development of a Health and Care Bill that looks to build on the innovation and integration seen during COVID-19, healthcare professionals will have to balance providing care during a pandemic with systemic and transformational change across the system.

This unique event from the Institute of Government & Public Policy examines the current and future state of NHS hospitals and the impact of COVD-19. It takes a close look at all the vital components that make up NHS acute care including patient safety, workforce, infection control, standards, funding, estates, and emergency care.  

Hear a combination of policy updates and best practice case studies from a wide variety of organisations within acute healthcare.  

Patient Safety Learning's Helen Hughes will be one of the presenters at the event.


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