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What role can integrated care systems play in preventing ill-health and reducing burdens on the NHS in future?


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One of the great opportunities for ICSs may be around reducing future demand for healthcare by ensuring that people remain healthy or are helped to reduce the chances of deteriorating if they do develop an illness or long-term condition.

Prevention and early intervention underlie much of the NHS Long Term Plan, with a recognition that the NHS can no longer simply be an “ill health” service and instead bends to think about prevention and reducing health inequalities.

Many ICSs are keen to develop this role and bring together the organisations they represent – across both the NHS and local authorities –to work collaboratively on this. But with resources and time limited, they may need to concentrate their efforts on particular areas.

The second wave of covid – and the prospect of widespread vaccination starting within weeks - has added a new dimension to this with an urgent need to reduce the pressure covid places on the NHS and on normal life in general.

This webinar will ask:

  • has covid helped focus the NHS’s eyes on prevention?
  • where are the “easy wins” for ICSs where interventions are most likely to have significant results within a reasonable timeframe?
  • what key steps do ICSs need to take to get the maximum benefit from these? How can they build common purpose among their members to ensure these happen?
  • how can public health be made “business as usual” for everyone working in the NHS – including those in hospitals?
  • how can ICSs balance the preventative interventions which deliver short-term benefits with those which take longer to offer a “return on investment”?


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