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Introduction to Human Factors & Performance Science - Distance Learning


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This unique 1-day distance-learning course from Medled is delivered via Zoom by our expert trainers in a format designed to maximise learning retention and application of knowledge. You'll learn to:

  • Understand the concept of systems thinking and models of safety – looking beyond the individual and the flawed concept of ‘Human Error’.
  • Gain an introduction to human capabilities & limitations & how those influence quality and safety of care – how humans can be heroes and hazards.
  • Be able to unpick the nature of human fallibility and why practice does not always make perfect.
  • Have the knowledge to proactively contribute to the safety culture in your organisation.
  • Be able to recognise error-provoking conditions and influence your systems of work.
  • Understand the relationship between stress and performance/risk of error.
  • Take away a tangible model for understanding the relationship between our physiological needs and performance – do we set ourselves up to fail?
  • Understand strategies to optimise high-performance teamworking with ad hoc teams.

Evidence-based, utilising cutting edge safety & performance science this course is suitable for all Healthcare Professionals, both clinical and non-clinical; it is applicable to all departments and multi-disciplinary teams.

Accredited by Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors, you'll take part in interactive actitvities and leave with practical tools to take away.


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