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Webinar. Innovation and patient safety during COVID-19: A medical equipment case study


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Hosted by Govconnect, Helen Hughes, Jamie Munro, Stewart Munro and Dylan Goaten.

COVID-19 exposed the shortfall of some vital equipment in the NHS; ventilators were the headline product. However, volumetric infusion pumps were another example of equipment being transferred to ICU, leading to a severe shortage for normal requirements. Hospitals, already poorly equipped with adequate pumps, urgently required reliable methods of monitoring IV infusions.

When the severity of the pandemic became apparent earlier this year, it triggered somewhat of a panic in the NHS. Normal procurement practice was suspended. Overnight procurement barriers preventing the adoption of new products and innovations were lifted and funding available.

The webinar will present a case study from West Suffolk Hospital who will describe their experiences with the shortage of volumetric pumps and how Pentland Medical were able to assist with the Monidrop device. Feedback from the Nursing team who have implemented Monidrop into their everyday practice will also feature. Patient Safety Learning's Helen Hughes will be presenting

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