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Patient Safety Learning Summits

Event details

West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Quality Governance team is hosting a series of Patient Safety Learning Summits. Throughout the year they will be holding four events, focusing on patient safety, with a range of speakers (national and international). 

WHO are the summits aimed for? All healthcare professionals and students who want to learn more about patient safety, participate in the construction of our new patient safety strategy and gain valuable CPD points (30!).

WHAT are the summits? They will be international interactive learning conferences where we delve into the transition into Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF), in conjunction with discussing the wider patient safety landscape. These summits will include national and international keynote speakers:

  • Prof Matt Inada-Kim- National Clinical Director – infection, antimicrobial resistance & deterioration / CL Covid oximetry @Home / virtual wards
  • Ron Daniels- Founder and Chief Executive, UK Sepsis Trust Helen Hughes- Chief Executive, Patient Safety Learning
  • Paula Reges – infections disease researcher Fiocruz Brazil / advisor to Health Minister
  • Ass Prof Caline Mattar- Global Health and Infectious Diseases at University of Washington, USA
  • Other speakers to include: Médecins Sans Frontières, Red Cross and NHS England

WHEN are the summits? There will be four summits throughout the year with overarching themes:

  • Wednesday 26 April- Corporate and Clinical Governance
  • Tuesday 6 June- IPC/AMR/Stewardship
  • Tuesday 5 September – Deteriorating Patients- event aligned to the WHO theme of Engaging Patients
  • Wednesday 10 January 2024- Enhanced Care Needs

WHERE are the summits? The events will be held at Watford Football Club and streamed online. British Sign Language interpreters, inductions loops and captions will be present at all events.

WHY The trust fully supports the national agenda change to PSIRF and wants to embed the ethos of this framework into everything we do. Patient safety is everybody's business, and everyone has a vital role to play. PSIRF is replacing the Serious Incident Framework and will lead to a culture shift of continuous learning, patient engagement, and a systems-based approach to learning from incidents. The NHS patient safety landscape is evolving, and these summits will give you the understanding, oversight, and passion to be a driver for improvements within your area. 


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