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Understanding and preventing work-related stress

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This interactive course from the Health Safety Executive (HSE) is designed around HSE's approach for preventing stress at work that helps identify and manage the six areas of work design which can affect stress levels - demands, control, support, relationships, role and change.

This course will enable you to:

  • Gain an overview of the different theories about work-related stress.
  • Learn how to spot some of the warning signs when people are under too much pressure.
  • Become familiar with the six areas of work design that can affect stress levels.
  • Learn how to successfully implement HSE's step-by-step approach for preventing stress at work.
  • Explore the types and variety of organisational level interventions that others have put in place.
  • Have an opportunity to share good practice.

The workshop will be of interest to anyone who wishes to reduce their organisation's exposure to risk from work-related stress and / or need to understand the steps they need to take to meet their legal requirements. Suitable for managers, HR, H&S, Risk Managers, or anyone with an interest in organisational level stress management. No prior knowledge is needed.


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