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IHI's Patient Safety Awareness Week - Back to our purpose: The reboot of safety


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Despite decades of attention to safety, the 2023 New England Journal of Medicine article titled "The Safety of Inpatient Health Care" ushers in a stark reminder that patients continue to experience unacceptably frequent, and often serious, harms while receiving care. This 2023 IHI Patient Safety Awareness Week free webinar features lead author and globally renown safety expert, Dr. David Bates, who will share perspective on the history of harm in health care, key findings, and insights from this recent publication, associated opportunities to improve identification and measurement of events, and methods for anticipating and preventing harm. 

Whether you’re a health care leader, safety or quality professional, direct care provider, or work in any setting or role in health care, you’ll leave this illuminating discussion with refreshed thinking about what’s essential for a radical reboot of safety and the role that you and your organizations can take to eliminate and prevent harm.


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