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IHI: Partnering with patients to improve diagnostic safety


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Every year, diagnostic errors (missed, delayed, or incorrect diagnoses) affect at least one in twenty adults in the United States and cause substantial harm to patients of all ages. The diagnostic process is complex and so far, only limited effective interventions for diagnostic error reduction have been identified and implemented.

A particularly promising way to improve diagnostic safety is to involve patients and their families. Patients’ experiences can contribute to establishing research priorities to reduce diagnostic error, as they provide valuable insights that are complementary to that of researchers and clinicians. Throughout the continuum of health care, patients interact with a variety of health care providers from different medical specialties and in a variety of health care settings. Patients can also have a more prominent role in contributing to the development and implementation of interventions to improve diagnostic safety.

As part of IHI’s annual Patient Safety Awareness Week, join us for this free webinar to learn more about partnering with patients and their care partners to improve diagnostic safety.

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