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Human Factors for healthcare leaders - systems-approach to patient safety

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This one-day virtual course is suitable those engaged or interested in patient safety, quality improvement & service delivery.

On this interactive virtual course we will explore how human factors and ergonomics impact everyday working practices & patient safety. This material aligns with key focuses of the National Patient Safety Strategy, PSIRF & several domains of the National Patient Safety Syllabus 2.0. This course is equivalent to 6 hours of education.

It will show you how to take a systems approach to respond to patient safety investigations using the SEIPS Model. Participants have the opportunity to practically apply SEIPS to a patient safety incident & explore contributory factors. We introduce methods such as observation & interview and consider how to generate areas for improvement and safety actions.


  • A one-day healthcare focused course.
  • Facilitated by experienced, doctors, nurses & educators.
  • Small group work.
  • Selected course materials.
  • Membership of the Being Human in Healthcare Network.


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