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August 2022

Webinar - Psychotropic medication in children and young people’s mental health inpatient services - A quality improvement project

The Restraint Reduction Network is a movement of people who want to eliminate the use of unnecessary restrictive practices, protect human rights and make a positive difference in people's lives. This webinar is an opportunity to find out more about participating in this project, which goes live in September 2022.
The session will help you understand your practice in relation to use of psychotropic medication with children and young people and will give you the opportunity to compare your practice to other inpatient units through a benchmarking dashboard.
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WHO launch event - Implication of the COVID-19 pandemic for patient safety: a rapid review

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted nearly all countries’ health systems and diminished their capability to provide safe health care, specifically due to errors, harm and delays in diagnosis, treatment and care management. “Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for patient safety: a rapid review” emphasises the high risk of avoidable harm to patients, health workers, and the general public, and exposes a range of safety gaps across all core components of health systems at all levels. The disruptive and transformative impacts of the pandemic have confirmed patient safety as a critical health system issue and a global public health concern.
The objectives of the WHO event are :
provide an overview of implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for patients, health workers, and the general public highlight importance of managing risks and addressing avoidable harm in a pandemic situation discuss implications of the pandemic for patient safety within broader context of preparedness, response and recovery lay the foundation for follow-up work around generating more robust evidence and supporting countries in their efforts to build resilient and safer health care systems.  Register

Root Cause Analysis: 2 day masterclass


This intensive two-day masterclass will provide Root Cause Analysis training in line with the 2019 Patient Safety Strategy and subsequent guidance. The course will offer a practical guide to conducting RCA with a focus on systems-based patient safety investigation as proposed within the latest guidance released by NHS England and NHS Improvement. The course provides insights into how RCA is evolving and gives detailed information on what standards RCA investigations are expected to reach following the detailed recent reviews of patient safety work across the NHS and healthcare.  
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/root-cause-analysis-2-day-masterclass or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk

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Deteriorating Patient Summit: Recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient & ensuring best practice in the use of NEWS2 in all patients

The Deteriorating Patient Summit focuses on recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient through improving the reliability of patient observations and ensuring quality of care. The conference will include National Developments including the recent recommendations on NEWS2 and Covid-19, and implementing the recommendations from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch Report Investigation into recognising and responding to critically unwell patients. The conference will include practical case study based sessions on identifying patients at risk of deterioration, improving practice in patient observations, responding to the deteriorating patient, improving escalation and understanding success factors in escalation, sepsis & Covid-19, involving patients and families in recognising deterioration, and improving the communication and use of NEWS2 in the community, including care homes, and at the interface of care. 
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/deteriorating-patient-summit or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk
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6th Patient Safety Webinar 2022 - Medication safety in polypharmacy and transitions of care


The International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) and Patient Academy for Innovation and Research (PAIR Academy) in partnership with Dakshama Health are launching a series of webinars to introduce the Strategic Framework of the Global Patient Safety Challenge - Medication Without Harm.
The theme of the 6th webinar of the medication without harm webinar series is "Medication Safety in Polypharmacy and Transitions of Care”. Register for the webinar
The patient safety series of webinars will focus on the strategic framework of the Global Patient Safety Challenge, which depicts the four domains of the challenge: patients and the public, health care professionals, medicine, and systems and practices of medication, and the three key action areas—namely polypharmacy, high-risk situations, and transitions of care, The series of webinars will share challenges, technical strategies, tools, and patient experiences in implementing the Strategic Framework of the Global Patient Safety Challenge to reduce medication-related harm.

Investigation of deaths & serious Incidents in mental health services- Towards the Patient Safety Investigation Framework (PSIRF)

This national conference looks at the practicalities of Serious Incident Investigation and Learning from Deaths in Mental Health Services. The event will look at the development and implementation of the New Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (previously known as the Serious Incident Framework). NHS Improvement is working with these early adopters to test implementation, and analysis of this will inform the final version with the revised framework due in Spring 2022. Local systems and organisations outside of the early adopter areas are free to use the already published version of the PSIRF to start to plan and prepare for PSIRF’s full introduction.
The conference will also update delegates on best current practice in serious incident investigation and learning, including mortality governance and learning from deaths. There will be an extended focus on ensuring serious investigation findings lead to change and improvement, and updates from PSIRF early adopter sites in mental health. The conference will also examine how the new framework will fit with the Royal College of Psychiatrists Care Review Tool for mortality review.
This conference will enable you to:
Network with colleagues who are working to improve the investigation of serious incidents and deaths in mental health services. Ensure your approach to Serious Incident Investigation is in line with the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF). Learn from outstanding practice in implementing the Royal College of Psychiatrists Mortality Care Review Tool. Reflect on the lived experience of a bereaved relative. Improve the way you involve and engage families and carers in the investigation process. Develop your skills in incident investigation and mortality review. Understand how you can improve serious incident investigation and learn from Mental Health early adopters of the New Patient Safety Incident Response Framework.  Identify key strategies for undertaking a self assessment, and continuous review of deaths and investigation practice in your organisation. Understand how human factors can help improve learning from serious incident investigation. Ensure you are up to date with the role of the coroner. Understand how you can better support staff when a serious incident occurs.  Self assess and reflect on your own practice. Supports CPD professional development and acts as revalidation evidence. This course provides 5 Hrs training for CPD subject to peer group approval for revalidation purposes. Register

NHS Complaints Summit

This National Virtual Summit focuses on the New National NHS Complaint Standards that were published in March 2021 and are due to be introduced across the NHS in 2022. Through national updates, practical case studies including NHS Complaints Standards early adopters sites, and in depth expert sessions the conference aims to improve the effectiveness of complaints handling within your service, and ensure that complaints are welcomed and lead to change and improvements in patient care.
The conference will also reflect on managing complaints regarding Covid-19 – understanding the standards of care by which the NHS should be judged in a pandemic and in particular responding to complaints regarding delayed treatment due to the pandemic.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/nhs-complaints-summit  or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk
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Root Cause Analysis: 1 day masterclass

This one-day course is designed to provide delegates with the key skills and knowledge that they will require to conduct Root Cause Analysis effectively. The course content walks learners through the seven-key stages to conducting a high-quality Root Cause Analysis investigation. The course pays particular attention to planning and managing investigations, interviewing staff, mapping information, using appropriate analysis tools to establish contributory factors, plus focus on creating fit-for-purpose action plans and final reports. We advocate Root Cause Analysis as a team-based approach and concur with NHS Improvement’s 2018 statement ‘investigations must be led by trained investigators with the support of an appropriately resourced investigation team’.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/root-cause-analysis-1-day-masterclass  or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk.
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