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November 2021

The Health Foundation's REAL Challenge annual lecture: A radical new vision for social care


In the second of the REAL Centre's REAL Challenge annual lectures, Dr Hilary Cottam OBE – social entrepreneur and author of Radical Help: How We Can Remake the Relationships Between Us and Revolutionise the Welfare State – will bring fresh, innovative ideas to reinvigorate the way we think about care.
In an agenda-setting lecture and panel debate, Hilary will explore whether this moment – as we emerge from the pandemic – might offer us a real chance to reimagine and reorganise how we care for one another. How could things be different? Can we ignite a new imagining about what care could be? Can we care more about care?
Host: Dr Jennifer Dixon, Chief Executive, the Health Foundation
Chair: Sir Andrew Dilnot, Chair, REAL Centre Oversight Board; Warden, Nuffield College
Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair of the Think Local Act Personal partnership board Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO, New America Will Tanner, Director, Onward Cathie Williams, Chief Officer, ADASS Register for this online event

Women’s health - tackling the gender health gap, recovering from COVID-19, promoting women’s only health concerns, and opportunities for research

This Westminister Health Forum Policy conference takes place with the Government drafting a Women’s Health Strategy, aiming to address the gender health gap, and it will be an opportunity to discuss the way forward with the consultation on the strategy having just closed, after seeking views on key themes including:
putting women at the centre of their care education on women’s health health infrastructure priorities for research. Delegates will also be able to consider priorities for women’s health in the context of other significant developments, including the inquiry report from the APPG on endometriosis and recent inquiries from the Women and Equalities Committee, as well as wider health reforms proposed in the Health and Care Bill.

Long Covid: A community-focused response


We’re no longer in a national lockdown and life feels as though it is slowly getting back to normal, but for those who contracted COVID-19 and are still living with the debilitating consequences of the virus, the battle is far from won. With almost 400,000 UK adults experiencing the prevailing symptoms of COVID-19 over a year after first contracting the virus, Long Covid continues to remain on the agenda as a pressing and pertinent issue.
This webinar from National Voices explores a person-centred response to Long Covid. This webinar event emerges as a sub-section of National Voices’ larger programme of work commissioned by NHSE/I, working alongside six VCSE organisations who support members of the community at risk of exclusion.
During this event we will be joined by Michael MacLennan of covid:aid, Claire Hastie of Long Covid Support, Sammie Mcfarland of Long Covid Kids, and Davine Forde, a Lived Experience Associate from Manchester Health & Care Commissioning. They will engage in a panel discussion, sharing the lived experiences of those with Long Covid and shining a light on the crucial work that community-based organisations are doing to alleviate the burden on health services in response to Long Covid. Rachel Matthews, our Head of Experience, and Keymn Whervin, our Lived Experience Associate, will also examine the impact of implementing strategic co-production in working with lived experience leaders, uncovered through their Voices for Improvement project at National Voices. Discussions will be followed by a Q&A session with questions invited from attendees.

HFESA Virtual Conference 2021: Human Factors in our changing world

We live in a world marked by massive global changes, moving us rapidly into rather unprecedented and unknown directions. It has never been so vital for us to understand the interactions among humans and other system elements. This necessitates the creation and adoption of theories, principles, data, and methods of design, as well as new capabilities, technologies, skills, procedures, policies, strategies to find new ways of engaging with a rapidly changing world and optimise wellbeing and performance. Find out more at the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA) virtual conference.

Transforming care for people with long-term conditions: the role of partnership working


During the COVID-19 pandemic, partnership and collaboration between the NHS, patient and community organisations, and the life-sciences sector has been vital in enabling the system to adapt quickly and effectively to new challenges.
This free online event will explore how this approach can be embedded to support system recovery and enable transformation, particularly where COVID-19 has led to significant disruption of services for people with long-term conditions. It will identify the challenges and opportunities people with long-term conditions face in securing good-quality, person-centred care, as well as the role of innovation in supporting early intervention, ensuring access to care in the right place at the right time and reducing pressures on hospital services.

Public Policy Projects presents the conference for health care and life sciences


On 8 November 2021, Public Policy Projects is hosting over 300 senior leaders in the heart of Westminster for a high-level day conference designed to turn policy into actionable insights in the healthcare and life science sectors. PPP will host a series of national and international keynote speakers including Ministers, governmental leaders and key providers for this strategic look at delivering innovation.
Integrated Care / Implications of Health Bill Health Inequalities in UK The Life Sciences Vision  Future Vaccination Programmes The event is free to the public sector and for commercial companies there is a fee to attend.
Register to attend the conference for health care and life sciences

Managing Risk, Keeping People Safe – Working with Families in Mental Health


Making Families Count has developed a new Webinar, based on extensive experience of it's members, to explore how mental health professionals can work effectively with families when they raise safety concerns about their relatives.
This webinar focusses on effective risk management in the community and how healthcare professionals can work better with families when they raise safety concerns about their relatives. This webinar explores what happens when critical information is absent from treatment plans and how to utilise families effectively as part of the care team. It will also address issues of how to work well and effectively with families after a serious incident or mental health homicide.
Use this link to find out who is speaking and to book your place for this online event:

HSIB maternity investigations - who, what and why?

Have you been invited to participate in an HSIB maternity investigation?

Are you unsure of what the programme is about?

Do you have questions about HSIB maternity investigations?

This webinar is primarily aimed at doctors in training but will be of interest to clinicians from any professional background and especially to those working within maternity and neonatal services.

You will gain a high level overview of the programme, an understanding of our system approach to healthcare safety investigations and information about our investigation methodology. There will be a panel discussion at the end where you will have the opportunity to have any outstanding questions answered.

Patient Safety Movement: A patchwork quilt of improvement

Without coordination of improvement efforts across the system, we will continue to compete for resources and compromise sustainment. Panelists will review the root causes of this problem and propose actionable solutions for healthcare professionals to adopt a holistic, continuous improvement framework.

Root Cause Analysis Training for NHS and Healthcare Professionals.


This two day intensive masterclass will provide Root Cause Analysis Training in line with the July 2019 Patient Safety Strategy. The course will offer a practical guide to conducting RCA with a focus on systems-based patient safety investigation as proposed within the latest guidance released by NHS England and NHS Improvement. 
Click here to book your place. 

Patient safety in spine surgery: Best practices for eliminating preventable SSIs


Surgical site infections after spine surgery increase the likelihood of patient mortality and drive up the cost of care. More than 156,000 postoperative spine infections could be averted with better screening and preventative measures, according to a study published in Global Spine Journal.
During this webinar, experts will discuss the problem of spine surgery SSIs and effective preventative measures. Learnings include:
Best practices for improving surgical outcomes in spine procedures. Protocols to mitigate the risk of surgical site complications in spine procedures and increase patient satisfaction. Presenters
Joshua Heller, MD, MBA, Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery, Jefferson University Hospitals
Roger Hartl, MD, Neurological Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine

Patient Safety Movement: Balancing life with your medical care needs

Panelists will provide a robust overview of the challenges that accompany medical care and propose actionable recommendations for patients, family members, and carers to balance life demands for patients with complex medical needs.

The UK's maternity inequalities examined: exploring disparities the BAME community faces


The Independent is hosting an expert panel, as part of a virtual event series, to examine exactly why maternity inequalities exist within the UK. Health correspondent Shaun Lintern has reported regularly on the shocking realities often facing pregnant women in the UK who are either black or from an ethnic minority.
To discuss the matter further he will be hosting a panel of experts, which includes Marian Knight, Professor of Maternal and Child Population Health at the University of Oxford, to try and tackle exactly what the issues are that cause such staggering inequality to be experienced by black or ethnic minority women who are pregnant here in the UK on a daily basis.
Medical professionals have long assumed the death rate can be explained by pre-existing conditions amongst black women such as high blood pressure, or the higher prevalence of complications such as pre-eclampsia. Rather, research from the US points to a more complex picture. So what is really happening?
Register for this free event

Patient Safety Movement: Performance improvement workshop


This interactive, virtual workshop breaks down the principles of performance improvement into ten simple steps.
The Performance Improvement Workshops will introduce and detail concepts of performance improvement, which can then be adapted and applied to healthcare organizations around the world. Attendees can expect to gain a thorough understanding of:
The basics of performance improvement How to use the tools available to lead projects across multiple settings, and How to collect, measure, and evaluate data to inform meaningful adjustments. The Workshop will welcome attendees from around the world to learn from expert panel discussions and participate in hands-on live workshops.
The 5-hour Performance Improvement workshop will offer 4.5 hours of continuing education (CE) credit for physicians (CME), nurses (CNE), pharmacists (CPE), healthcare executives (ACHE), and certified professionals in patient safety (CPPS).

Shared decision making - is progress threatened by the move towards remote consultations?


This event will launch the results of MHP Health's first Patient Voice Panel, which has been brought together through a collaboration with the Patients Association.
The Patient Voice Panel includes patients with long term conditions from all demographics across the UK. The Panel aims to understand lived patient experiences to help inform effective patient engagement strategies.
The event will share patient insights on the debate around remote consultations versus in person care, looking closely at the challenges to shared decision making in a digital world. It will bring together patients, professional bodies and the pharmaceutical industry, together with patients who participated in the MHP/ Patients Association Patient Voice Panel. The Patients Association Chief Executive Rachel Power is one of the speakers.
To register for the event, please email mhp.events@mhpc.com

Stop the Pressure: Pressure ulcer prevention & management

This conference focuses on the prevention and management of pressure ulcers including monitoring, reporting and improvement and will focus on Learning from the Inaugural National Pressure Ulcer Prevalence and Quality of Care Audit and reflecting on the challenges of COVID-19.
The conference will open with National Developments from the National Wound Care Strategy Programme, learning from the inaugural Stop the Pressure: National Pressure Ulcer Prevalence and Quality of Care Audit and understanding Pressure Ulcers and COVID-19. The conference will continue with a focus on training and educating frontline staff,  and an extended masterclass on Pressure Ulcer Assessment, Reporting & Management.

The NHS recovery: How digital technology is helping to battle the growing waiting list backlog

Part of the NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series, this webinar discusses how digital technology is helping to battle the growing waiting list backlog.

TUGS Patient Safety Course

TUGS has planned a free patient safety course for all surgeons.

Patient Safety: from Vision to Reality. UK G7 Meeting on Patient Safety


Patient safety is a critical global public health issue and is essential if health systems are to advance and achieve universal health coverage (UHC). Every year, an inadmissible number of patients are harmed or die because of unsafe and poor-quality healthcare, exerting a very high global burden especially in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Even before the pandemic, 1 in 10 patients in high-income countries were harmed from safety lapses during their hospital care. This number is greater in LMICs where adverse events in healthcare contribute to around 2.6 million hospital deaths each year. With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, patient safety has become an even more crucial area for international cooperation.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland invites you to join a high-level event on patient safety, co-sponsored by the World Health Organization, to:
Illustrate the scale and significant burden of avoidable harm in healthcare globally and its impact on patients, families, healthcare workers, health system finances, communities and societies. Advocate a vision for eliminating avoidable harm in healthcare and demonstrate the need to prioritise patient safety as a global health priority, including by supporting strategic patient safety initiatives. Advocate for all countries to designate patient safety officers responsible for the coordination of patient safety implementation at national and facility levels. Register

RCOG Annual Professional Development Conference


The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) Annual Professional Development Conference aims to provide an authoritative update on clinical issues and current affairs in women’s health.  
The theme of this year’s course is providing practical hands-on solutions to clinical problems. Featuring case discussions, debates and a chance to ‘stump the experts’, our carefully designed programme means expert speakers will give presentations suitable to colleagues working in all areas of O&G.
Delivered entirely virtually, with all sessions available online, this event will be accessible to all.
Learning objectives:
Discover the latest advancements in the specialty from experts, which has been deliberately tailored for a diverse audience UK specialist societies will host parallel breakout sessions, giving you the opportunity to personalise your experience based on your own specialist interests Hear more about the latest College activities through informal discussions with RCOG Officers Register

THIS Space 2021


THIS Space, is now open for registration. It will be held online on 24 and 25 November 2021. Aiming to promote interdisciplinary and intergenerational exchange to build the field of healthcare improvement studies, THIS Space is open to all and free to attend for those in the UK and internationally. The event will create space for interaction, networking, and sharing – you can find out more about the programme here.
THIS Space aims to:
provide a focus for knowledge sharing in healthcare improvement stimulate innovation and fresh thinking help researchers to develop the habits, knowledge, skills, and experiences to support their professional growth connect colleagues from across different disciplines who share a common goal be a means of accelerating the development of the field of the study of healthcare. Register

Shared decision making: a reality for everyone?


This event will look at the Patients Association's recent report on shared decision making, and NICE guidelines on how we can all ensure that shared decision making is a reality. Hear from and ask questions of our panel members about their experiences and thoughts on shared decision making:
Alexandra Freeman - Executive Director, Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication Hameed Khan - Patient and carer representative Jonathan Berry - Policy Lead: Health Literacy & Shared Decision Making, NHS England & Improvement Rachel Power - CEO, Patients Association Ruby Bhatti OBE - Patient and carer representative Victoria Thomas - Head of Public Involvement, NICE Register

RCP webinar - Safe for patients, safe for staff: patient safety fundamentals for physicians


This webinar from the Royal College of Physicians aims to introduce participants to the key concepts of patient safety and what they can do in practice. Delegates will receive 2 CPD credits for attending this webinar.
6.30pm  Introduction
Dr John Dean, clinical director for quality improvement and patient safety, RCP
6.35pm  Patient safety 101 - fundamental concepts and considerations for patient safety
Dr Kevin Stewart, medical director, Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch
6.55pm  What to do when something goes wrong – the physician perspective
Dr Andrew Gibson, deputy medical director, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
7.05pm   What to do when something goes wrong - the patient and family perspective
Ms Alice Joy, member, Patient and Carer Network, RCP
7.15pm  How to reduce the risk of harm
Professor Matthew Cooke, NHS clinical advisor and professor of clinical systems design, Warwick Medical School
7.35pm   Question and answer session
7.55pm   Closing remarks
Dr John Dean, clinical director for quality improvement and patient safety, RCP
Register for this event

Measuring, Understanding and Acting on Patient Experience Insight: From Insight to Improvement


This conference will focus on measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight, and demonstrating responsiveness to that insight to ensure Patient Feedback is translated into quality improvement and assurance. Through national updates and case study presentations, the conference will support you to measure, monitor and improve patient experience in your service, and ensure that insight leads to quality improvement.
Sessions will include learning from patients, improving patient experience during and beyond Covid-19, a national update, practical sessions focusing on delivering a patient experience based culture, measuring patient experience, using the NHS Improvement National Patient Experience Improvement Framework, demonstrating insight and responsiveness in real time, monitoring and improving staff experience,  the role of human factors in improving quality, using patient experience to drive improvement, changing the way we think about patient experience, and learning from excellence in patient experience practice.
Chair and speakers include:
Cristina Serrao, Lived Experience Ambassador NHS England and Improvement Clare Enston, Head of Insight & Feedback NHS England and Improvement David McNally, Head of Experience of Care NHS England and Improvement. Book a place
Patient experience conference brochure 25 Nov 2021.pdf

The King's Fund Annual conference 2021


The King's Fund's flagship event brings together senior leaders working in health and social care to celebrate the latest best practice and explore the most pressing opportunities and challenges facing the system. 
Hear about:
the role of the NHS and the wider health and care system in tackling health inequalities what the new health and social care Bill means for the system in England how the recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being managed and plans to meet the backlog challenge how to meet the needs of the health and care workforce. Register

NHS Long Term Plan 2021: Transition, Integrate, Improve

The NHS Long Term Plan 2021 conference will set out the main commitments in the plan and provide a view of what they might mean, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for the health and care system as it moves to put the plan into practice post COVID-19. This conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from key speakers on the NHS’s priorities for care quality and outcomes improvement for the decade ahead. The programme will inform and educate delegates on subjects that affect their everyday life all of which will help contribute both to patients and the UK economy.
Confirmed speakers include:
Matthew Taylor - Chief Executive, NHS Confederation Chris Hopson - Chief Executive, NHS Providers Professor Matthew Cripps - Director of Sustainable Healthcare, NHS England & Improvement Lisa Hollins - Director of Innovation Delivery, NHSX Further information and registration
10 fully funded (no charge) places are currently available exclusively to members of the hub and are limited on a first come first served basis. Email info@pslhub.org for a code.

Patient Safety 2021: Driving Quality and Improvement in Care


An online event
4,356,277 reports of patient safety incidents were reported between November 2018 and October 2019. These incidents were linked to more than 4,600 deaths. The cost of harm for clinical negligence claims from incidents in 2019/20 expected to cost the NHS £8.3 billion. Improving patient safety could save almost 1,000 extra lives and £100 million in care costs each year from 2023/24.
There is also potential to reduce claims provision by around £750 million per year by 2025. In July 2019, the NHS published its Patient Safety Strategy which seeks to continuously improve patient safety over the next five to ten years.
This event draws upon a number of the key themes of the Patient Safety Strategy, reviews its progress one year and reflects on the impact of Covid-19 on patient safety initiatives. It will highlight good practice in developing a proactive approach to identifying risks to safe care while also including systems, risks, human factors and organisational culture.
Hear the latest policy updates and practical case studies featuring innovative patient safety interventions across primary and secondary care to save lives and protect patients.
Speakers include:
Robert Waterson, Senior Lecturer, Nursing, University of East London Sue Tranka, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for Patient Safety and Innovation, NHS England and NHS Improvement Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive, Health Education England Cassandra Cameron, Head of Policy and Strategy, Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch CQC representative NHS Resolution representative Dr Subhro Banerjee, Deputy Medical Director, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust Jim Briggs, Director of the Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics (CHMI), University of Portsmouth David Watson, Clinical Lead Advanced Practice UHM, NHS Lanarkshire Anthony Avery, Professor of Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham Full details and registration here
There is a charge for all registrants