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August 2020

Webinars: Helping surgeons when things go wrong

Surgeons are affected by adverse events. There is a paucity of data on the impact of adverse events on UK surgeons, on the factors that affect the degree and nature of this impact, and on the interventions that might ameliorate this impact either before or after an adverse event. This presentation will include early results of a UK survey and details of an RCT to evaluate the effectiveness of resilience training for surgical trainees.

Online course: Risk management

This masterclass, facilitated by Faisal Ahmed, Governance Specialist Trainer, provides knowledge and skills in addressing and managing risks within a health Organisation. All staff who report and manage risks should attend.
Risks are inherent in all organisations – implementing and managing control measures is pivotal to managing risk in order to prevent an incident taking place. By exploring drivers behind why risks happen we can understand how to mitigate and reduce the likelihood and severity of further risks and the occurrence of incidents.  
A risk can be viewed as a precursor to an incident. Prevention through the risk management process can be an effective mechanism for organisations to manage their risks. All staff have a duty to identify and escalate risk within an organisation. This masterclass will explore the key components of the risk management process that must be followed to reduce the likelihood and severity of the risk. 
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Webinar: Embedding the Professional Duty of Candour

This seminar will introduce recent research on the professional duty of candour and reflect on the relationship between candour and patient safety.  In particular, it will focus on factors which can encourage or discourage candour in the workplace and how these are reflected in the surgical setting.