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March 09, 2023

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    06 March 2023      09 March 2023

    From July 2022, all NHS trusts providing acute and mental health services will need to join a provider collaborative, with these collaboratives forming a universal part of the provider landscape. Working within a challenging NHS environment – struggling with record high waiting lists and a limited workforce – provider collaboratives offer an opportunity to make efficiencies whilst improving service delivery. As providers move from a mindset of competition to one of collaboration, they must come together to deliver better services and improve care pathways.
    However, the purpose and form of these collaboratives can vary considerably across England and important decisions remain over the governance and accountability arrangements of these new collaboratives.
    Join the King's Fund for this digital virtual conference bringing together leaders from across collaboratives to explore this new approach to service delivery. The event will explore what collaboration models have been successful before and the barriers they overcame. What can we learn from these as new collaboratives are set to take shape?

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    09 March 2023 12:30      13:30

    Join Stuart Paviour business psychologist and innovator in patient safety since 2000, in conversation with Maria Paviour.
    Stuart has worked with NHS Vanguards and in Private Healthcare in improving wellbeing, patient safety and reducing costs and was involved in application of the first ‘care pathways’ - see case studies for more information.
    Maria is a Registered Occupational Psychologist, Neuroscientist (King’s College London), specialist in Human Factors in Healthcare for 25 years, UK and EU Government Award Winner, best-selling author.
    A former Primary Care Practice Business Manager, Maria is an NHS whistle blower and campaigner for patient safety and Just cultures in the NHS (Patient’s First Charity) and an NHS England Think Tank member for tackling workplace bullying. Maria was an innovator, bringing 'Care pathways' model to the UK for preventative patient safety.
    Please check out Stuart and Maria's film https://youtu.be/P6nXswcepo0 in which they cover the three game changing approaches that will:
    1. Mobilise high performance from your current resources and people.
    2. Achieve optimal team responsiveness that delivers safe practice.
    3. Accurately measure productivity and forecast increased efficiency for maximum ROI.
    The event will take a deeper dive into the topic and provide opportunities for Q&A.

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