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March 28, 2023

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    28 March 2023

    This one day masterclass is part of a series of masterclasses focusing on how to use Human Factors in your workplace.
    Leadership in the NHS is the responsibility of all staff. Understanding human factors will allow healthcare to enhance performance, culture and organisation.
    These masterclasses have been designed to align with the new Patient Safety Syllabus and subsequent Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF). We will look at why things go wrong and how to implement change to prevent it from happening again or mitigate the risks.
    For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/systems-approach-patient-safety-masterclass  or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk.
    hub members receive a 20% discount. Email info@pslhub.org for discount code.

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    26 March 2023 23:00      28 March 2023 23:00

    ELEVATE PX is a gathering bringing together the voices of the global community committed to transforming the human experience in healthcare. ELEVATE PX is a dynamic, interactive event connecting the community for learning, support and the sharing of ideas to positively impact the experience in healthcare organisations around the world.
    Hear inspiring patient, family and leadership perspectives.
    All keynotes will be live-streamed for virtual participants.
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    28 March 2023 08:00      12:00

    This Westminster Health Forum conference will focus on next steps for pharmacy services in healthcare delivery, and opportunities to develop the role of community pharmacy as part of the health service in England.
    It comes amidst proposals to increase prescribing powers for pharmacists and reform training to enable pharmacists to work as independent prescribers immediately following graduation, as well as the Health Secretary announcing additional pharmacy services within the Primary Care Recovery Plan, and also indicating that implementation of a Pharmacy First system in England is being considered.
    The conference takes place against the backdrop of an evolving healthcare landscape, including developments in integrated care systems and digital transformation, an expected update to the NHS Long Term Plan, and wider strategic initiatives to implement alternatives to medicine, such as the Overprescribing Review. We expect discussion on opportunities to develop pharmacy services as a key component of future NHS and community care delivery.
    It will include keynote sessions with Gisela Abbam, Chair, General Pharmaceutical Council; Andrew Lane, Chair, National Pharmacy Association; Matthew Armstrong, Senior Manager, Pharmacy Contracts and Project Developments, Walgreens Boots Alliance; and a senior speaker confirmed from the Professional Record Standards Body.
    Overall, areas for discussion include:
    strategic ambitions: the opportunity for a Pharmacy First scheme in England - long-term aims for pharmacy services in the context of an updated NHS Long Term Plan. community pharmacy: future role in improvements to key service areas such as general practice, primary care and the ambulance service - delivering medicine optimisation in community care. the workforce: priorities for upskilling - improving training to increase the number of independent prescribers and develop the services that pharmacists can offer. digital pharmacy: key areas for expansion - supporting efficiency in prescription management - potential for digital services to allow patients more control over their care. further development areas: social prescribing services and non-medical treatments - the NHS STOMP programme - structured medicine reviews to support reduction of overprescribing. Register

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    28 March 2023 09:30      11:00

    Here at Solent, we have fundamentally changed the way we work with local people and communities. We want to ensure that the way we develop, design and improve our services is based on what really matters most to people who use them, not that we believe as health professionals is important. We now actively recognise and celebrate the strengths of our community, as people with exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise, that which sadly often goes untapped by providers of health and care services.
    By working with the Touch Network, we are enabling people to unlock stories about difficult times. This helps us understand what we do well, and what we need to change to ensure people who use our services have a positive experience of care.  Do join us, Debs Carter, Founder of Touch Network and Sarah Balchin, Director of Community Engagement and Experience, to hear our story of sharing and learning.

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