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March 21, 2023

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    21 March 2023

    Part of Whistleblowers Awareness Week (WBUK).
    Aims and Objectives:
    1. To engage MPs, organisations and policy makers in understanding the consequences of the victimisation of healthcare whistleblowers for patients and the public.
    2. To help remove the stigma around the subject of whistleblowing.
    3. To inform attendees of the benefits of change and how this links to the Protection for Whistleblowing Bill [HL] and an Office for the Whistleblower.
    4. To provide information that will enable attendees to take practical, measurable steps to move the agenda forward and join in with the work of the APPG and WBUK.
    Dr Jenny Vaughan OBE - Doctors’ Association U.K. Cathryn Watters RGN – Whistleblowers and regulation Steve Turner RMN – Patient experience Professor Emmanouil Nikolousis (online) – Cultures of fear Panel members:
    Mr Chris Day - CQC Director of Engagement Dr Chris Day Dr Chaand Nagpaul CBE Tom Grimes - NHS England Head of Advocacy and Learning (FTSU) Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark - National Guardian for the NHS More information

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    21 March 2023 14:00      16:00

    The Health Research Authority is running its first ever research transparency week. They believe that keeping participants updated and informed as a study develops, as well as with the results at the end, should be the norm.
    When researchers work with patients and the public to plan individual studies, we hear that recruitment is easier, participants are better supported, and findings are more relevant to patient needs. Ongoing communication between researchers and participants throughout a study can offer further improvements. This strengthens relationships, and creates more opportunities for feedback and improvements to be made in the way findings are shared.
    This will be a two-hour online workshop, chaired by the co-Chairs of the Make it Public campaign group, Matt Westmore, Chief Executive of the HRA, and Derek Stewart, public contributor.
    The objective for attendees of this workshop will be to work together in facilitated small groups to explore this theme, and produce a set of 'top tips' to support best practice for those active in research.
    There will also be a short panel discussion, where attendees can hear directly from the study leads and research participants of studies working creatively and progressively in this area:
    UCL Covid-19 Social Study The INHALE Project Covid Voices Register for the workshop

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