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May 26, 2021

Events happening today

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    26 May 2021 10:30

    The broad aim of the webinar is to promote After Action Review (AAR) as a valuable tool to promote learning and patient safety improvement.

    It will:
    • Show how AAR can support, empower and enable teams to identify learning and good practice
    • Share knowledge on how to apply AAR for impact
    • Excite potential new users to adopt this approach

    Judy Walker, a leading expert in AAR and its adoption for impact in healthcare, will set the scene explaining ‘What is AAR, why is it so valuable and what helps successfully embed it in organisations.”

    To demonstrate that AAR is a practical and valuable ‘how to tool,’ we want to share case study evidence from healthcare clinicians and leaders. We’re looking to showcase the experience of 3 or 4 organisations, sharing why they have adopted AAR and the benefits planned and impact.

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    26 May 2021 18:00      20:00

    This webinar, moderated by Dr Charlotte Tai, will discuss the lessons learnt and advances in practice in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia.
    The role of the oral cavity and the endotracheal tube in the aetiology of VAP Dr Matt Wise, Consultant Adult Critical Care, University Hospital of Wales Relationship between VAP and mortality Professor Saad Nseir, Professor of Critical Care at the Medical School of Lille, France Ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients with COVID-19 Dr Andrew Conway Morris, Honorary Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Panellists: Dr Mark Blunt, Lead Critical Care Consultant, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn Helen Hughes, Chief Executive, Patient Safety Learning

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